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Top Destination to Study in Europe for Pakistani Students

May 6, 2021BY ZKV

Pakistani students are the ones who are always looking for opportunities to go abroad because of the poor education system that Pakistani universities have been offering and few job opportunities. In addition, Pakistani universities do not provide many specialization degrees so students prefer to study abroad for their post-graduate and doctoral degrees. It is important to pass the language tests to be able to study abroad but now universities have started to offer scholarships through which you can study in Europe without IELTS.

These are some of the best countries where Pakistani students choose to go for study; Germany, Austria, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


study in Germany

Germany is considered one of the best destinations for students to study abroad. Pakistani students have a long history of studying and working in Germany as the degree offers many benefits to the students. The preference of German universities is specifically for the subjects related to science and technology. The benefits that Germany offers include;

  • Germany is famous for its public universities as it does not charge tuition fees from international students. The only fee that these students have to pay is the admission fee that costs approximately 100 to 200 EUR. Some universities may charge a fee but it is much lower as compared to other countries and the fee they demand from international students.

How To Study in Germany for Free from Pakistan?



  • Most of the universities in Germany have student societies and these societies make it easier for students to settle in these faraway lands. Most of these universities have societies established by Pakistani students that make it easier to settle in German universities.
  • In Pakistan, the official language is English. The same is the case with Germany. So, it is easier for students to study and settle there because they would not face the language barrier.

How To Study In Germany Without IELTS For Masters Degree


Study in Austria

Austria welcomes the Pakistani immigrants warmly as the relationship between Austria and Pakistan goes back to 1976 when a society named Austro-Pakistani society was formed in Vienna. As a result, both of the countries have close connections and share a positive bond. Some of the other benefits while living in Austria include;

  • If someone decides to go abroad, the main factor that counts in that decision is safety. Austria is one of the safest countries to live in as it has a low crime rate and the environment is very calm and peaceful.
  • The public universities in Austria charge very low tuition fees as compared to other European universities. Still, the education standard is not compromised.


Study in Sweden

Many Pakistani students are likely to go to Sweden for educational purposes. In addition to the interest of students, there are many consultancy agencies that are set in Pakistan to promote advice on education in Sweden. The list shows a number of international students coming to Sweden, Pakistan ranks in 3rd place. Some benefits of studying in Sweden include;

  • The scholarships offered by Sweden are numerous and you may find a degree that suits your interest with low tuition fees and international exposure.
  • Many innovative scholarships in different fields are provided by Sweden including the areas of IT, biodiversity, solar energy, engineering, tourism, etc. Here are the Top 10 Universities to Study in Sweden for Pakistani’s

How to Immigrate to Sweden From Pakistan


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