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New Requirements For Canada Students visa For Pakistanis

February 1, 2021BY ZKV ( 0 ) Comment

Canada is one of the leading destinations for Pakistani students looking forward to studying abroad for their higher education. The globally acclaimed high-standard education system of Canada attracts a large number of students from other countries, including Pakistan. Perhaps the most attractive features of higher education in Canada are the security levels and the post-graduation visa opportunities. The welcoming environment of Canada makes this an even more appealing opportunity.

For any student to apply for a student visa in Canada, they must first know the necessary elements of visa application requirements for Pakistani students.

How to get a Canada Student Visa for Pakistani Students?

The process for getting a study permit or visa in Canada begins once you have received an acceptance letter from a Canadian university of your choice. The application for the study visa can be done online or by filling in a physical form. For the online method, you will have to apply at the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) website for a Canada Study Permit. Alternatively, the paper-based application method will take longer than the online procedure.

Requirement Checklist for Pakistani Students in 2021

There are several documents that you, as a Pakistani student, will have to submit when filing for a Canadian Study Permit. These documents include the following:

  •         An acceptance letter from the university of your choice
  •         A medical certificate
  •         A clearance letter that you get from your local police station proving that you have no prior incriminating criminal record,
  •         A bank statement stating that you have at least CA$10,000 yearly as an assurance that you can afford your finances.
  •         Tow passport-sized photographs taken recently
  •         Evidence of payment of tuition fee and accommodation arrangement for a year-long stay in Canada
  •         A letter of explanation or intent
  •         A Language proficiency test certificate

Requirements for Admission in Canadian Universities in 2021

The application procedure for Canadian universities from Pakistan is also conducted online for the specific university concerned. From the respective university, you will also get a list stating the necessary documents that need to be submitted. The requirements may differ between universities but in general, there are some common documents that include the following: certified transcripts from prior education and diplomas, letter of recommendations, letter of intent, language proficiency test certificate, and a written proof like a bank statement to prove that you can afford the living expenses and the tuition fee. Admissions in Canadian universities is merit-based so not everyone who meets the eligibility criteria will be guaranteed acceptance. Students who demonstrate better academic performance have a greater chance of receiving an acceptance letter. Excellent performance in prior degrees is likely to make your acceptance more likely.

When applying for a study permit for continuing education in Canada, you must keep in mind the tuition costs and living expenses. Only if you have existing proof that you are capable of affording these expenses will you be granted a study permit. You must keep in mind the requirements for applying for a study visa and for the university you are applying to. 

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