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Immigration to Canada from Pakistan Requirements

August 22, 2020BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Going to another country can be a difficult process. For many, Canada is a dreamland and so many ask about immigration to Canada from PakistanAmong the many appealing characteristics of Canada is that it’s a country that supports many cultures. If you want to know more about Canadian immigration, here is all you should know or you can contact us .


Canadian immigration programs

There are several programs that are offered for Canadian immigration where candidates are being offered all around the world. Canadian immigration can is possible through a few programs like through the express entry of the FSW. Another is SNP that practices its very own points for expression of interest in assigning nominees for Occupations In-Demand sub-categories and Saskatchewan express entry.


  1. Express entry 

Normally known as the “Canada immigration express entry” in our country, this is a new system of selection. Under this system, IRCC, immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada skilled workers are chosen for Canadian immigration. This started in 2015 and produced ideal results. Being an electronic procedure, it reduces and saves time. If the demands are fulfilled, you can get a permanent residency of 6 to 8 months.


  1. Federal skilled worker (FSW)

This FSQ class targets the people who possess the potential of becoming an economically established resident of the country after they arrive. This is the most popular method, among others to move to Canada.


How to apply Canada immigration from Pakistan

For becoming a Canadian permanent resident from Pakistan, you need to choose and then apply to base on eligibility. Like other countries, for Pakistan as well, an applicant can be eligible for immigration as a refugee, as a worker or be sponsored by relatives already living in Canada. Based on your reason for choosing to move to Canada and your eligibility, you may immigrate through various programs that are being offered like express entry, FSW, Quebec skilled worker, family class sponsorship, and more!

Jobs in Canada for immigrants


Being a sparsely populated country, with a lot of issues of human resources, immigration remains on top of the list. While opportunities for employment in regional areas may be short, there are certain jobs that are suitable for immigrants in the country. Below are listed on a few of the many jobs that are present for immigrants.


  1. Sales representative

A sales representative job is one of the top demand jobs for immigrants who are good are at convincing others for buying their product. The demand for a sales representative in the country is high, so you have a good option of making a difference to an enterprise with this job.


  1. Software engineers


If you have a love for a programming language, this job is yours to go. Software engineering jobs are perfect for immigrants who are tech geeks and efficient in their area of expertise. These skills are needed for database management and the creation of applications for business operation management.


  1. Nurses 


Healthcare and care of the elderly is also a need in the country. Hence, with social welfare programs, immigrants can work as nurses to help and support the senior population of the country.

While these are only a few of the jobs being offered, there are several others like accountants’ manager, business manager, truck drivers, welder, vocational instructors, and much more!


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