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Parents and Spouse can now easily travel to Canada with a Visitor Visa

February 17, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Canadian immigration is a fantasy for all those individuals, who want to cherish the glamorous and productive lifestyle, ascribed with this part of the land. Canada provides students, job applicants, and visitors, a broad variety of opportunities. Over five million people are expected to apply for a tourist visa to Canada per year. Every day, thousands of people apply for a visit visa to discover the attractions.

If you are interested in exploring Canada, you may need a Tourist Visa in Canada or a Visit Visa. The immigration office of Canada allows a valid visa from residents of other countries and territories to access any of its provinces or states lawfully. So make sure you know whether you need a visa or not before applying.

Here, in this article, we’ll concentrate on how to obtain a visit visa for Canada and the general conditions that an applicant must meet.

Application Procedure for Canadian Visit Visa:

Now the main concern arises, how to apply for Canadian Visit Visa from PakistanThe application process is divided into further two steps:

First Step:

The candidates must apply the visa application to the appropriate Canadian immigration office located in their country after getting acquainted with the required criteria for the visa procedure. At this point, the applicant may require the visa officer to conduct an interview, where the applicant needs to clarify the actual reason for visiting Canada.

Second Step:

Once a visit visa has been approved the applicant can come to Canada. However, the applicant must satisfy the immigration officer after landing in Canada concerning the intent of the visit as well as how long he/she will be staying in Canada.

Travelers from visa-exempt countries must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before taking a flight. Travelers who are seeking transit stays in Canada, also need to get this travel guide.

Types of Visit Visa:

There are two types of Visit Visa, which include a Single Entry Visa or Multiple Entry Visas. The length of stay for a Single Entry Visa is up to six months, however, in the case of multiple entry visas, this length of stay exceeds up to five years. POE officers may usually issue a six-month permit to enter Canada.

Primary Requirements for Visit Visa:

  • Citizens of a particular country must receive a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) before requesting a visit or immigration to Canada.
  • Should have a valid passport or travel document.
  • Intent to leave the country after the expiration of the visa and accept the conditions of entry into Canada.
  • The individual has no criminal record and is medically eligible for admission into Canada.

Benefits of having a Visit Visa:

  • Visit Visa holder is free to travel anywhere in Canada
  • Can discover the popular attractions within Canada
  • Can meet family and friends
  • May be admitted to short language courses to improve future chances of obtaining Canadian immigration. Because you can improve your immigration ranking to Canada by earning enough Canadian immigration points.
  • Make connections and construct a reference to get a job in the future, and apply for Canada immigration.

By and large, it’s an open and grand invitation for all and sundry to brighten their Future forever.


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