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What is the Difference Between CBT IELTS and Paper Based IELTS?

February 17, 2021BY ZKV ( 0 ) Comment

International English Language Testing System’s abbreviation is IELTS. If we talk about higher education or global migration in the world, then IELTS is the most famous test which tells about an individual’s proficiency in English language.

Importance of IELTS

The most incredible thing about IELTS is that it is recognized by a number of educational institutes, professional groups, and even governments around the world. If you want to know that how good your English is then taking an IELTS test is the best option. IELTS is even used in the immigration processes of different countries around the globe as well.

Working of IELTS

World’s famous and competent assessment experts gave the idea of IELTS. If you want to do a job or study in abroad, then IELTS tests your entire English language skills and highlights the area where you lack, so that you improve your language skills and gain success in your job or study program. IELTS basically analyze the four basic skills of English language i.e.

  1. Listening.
  2. Reading.
  3. Writing.
  4. Speaking.

If you pass the test, you should be satisfied that you are proficient in all the above skills, but if not then IELTS will make it easier for you to find out that which skill of English language you are weak in. And this is how it will be simpler for you to work on your improvement.

Types of IELTS

  2. Paper Based IELTS.

Difference between CBT IELTS and Paper Based IELTS

The main difference between the two is if you will take computer-based test, you will complete your test by doing the typing on the computer. Questions will be there in front of you on the screen and you will give the test on the computer. But if you are taking paper-based test, a question paper will be given to you and then you will work on a paper by using a good quality pen or HB pencil. One thing is so important to remember that no matter whether you are taking CBT IELTS or paper based IELTS, the speaking test will be done in form of an interview which will be organized by the IELTS examiner. This means that only reading, listening, and writing skills will be tested on the computer or paper, the criteria of assessing one’s speaking skill is totally different.
Since the content of both the test types is same, the level of difficulty is also similar. It might be possible that you have different confidence level while dealing with both the tests. If you are technology lover, then you might feel more comfortable by giving test on the computer. But if you are a fond of writing, then you might prefer paper-based test.
If you want your results as soon as possible then go for CBT because you will get them with 3-5 days. Whereas in paper based IELTS, the results take a bit longer to come such as 13 days.


IELTS Pakistan delivers the test in several test centers in the most popular cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

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