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What Documents do Canadian Immigration Consultants Need?

March 8, 2021BY ZKV

Canada is amongst the list of countries that many people visit every year, and others dream of visiting. Canada is known for its positive immigration programs as it welcomes above 300,000 immigrants every year. When it comes to the quality of life, many organizations rank Canadian cities as the best places in the world to live in. With a high quality of life, safety, flourishing industry, and a developing working force, Canada becomes one of the best places to immigrate to.  

Do you plan on Canadian immigration? The process is hard, but with a little guidance, it will become easy for you to get there. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada anytime soon, here is what you need to know about the documents that are needed.

Do I Need Immigration Consultants?

If you think you can immigrate to Canada on your own, you might want to think again. This is as easy as it first sounds. Immigration can be a hard and tiring process, and it may be hard to navigate your way through in most cases. No matter how skilled you are, there are multiple things that you will miss out on when doing things on your own. You cannot compete against the skills and expertise of these immigration consultants. Therefore, many people choose immigration consultants to help them through the tiring immigration process. And here is why you should also choose them.

The only thing that holds people back from hiring an immigration consultant is the fee that is required. While these concerns of the people are valid, the right immigration consultant will be worth the money.

Documents Required by Immigration Consultants for Canadian Immigration

Documents Required by Canadian Immigration Consultants

When it comes to the foreign worker, the applicant is required to gather the necessary documents for Canadian immigration. Here are some of the documents that are required by Canadian immigration consultants.

  1. A valid passport or travel document
  2. Two photos of you or any family members accompanying you.
  3. If you are applying for a job, then evidence for meeting the requirements is needed.
  4. Relationship proofs like children, spouses, or common-law partners.
  5. Completed forms like document checklist, family information, and others.
  6. Any certificates like professional or educational
  7. The proof of funds
  8. Work experience proof
  9. The medical examination confirmation
  10. The adoption certificate.
  11. The copy of your birth certificate.
  12. French/English language test results (TEF, IELTS)
  13. Marriage certificate
  14. Related documents
  15. Relevant documents as requested by immigration consultants.

It is always better to get in touch with immigration consultants so they can help you with the whole process of immigration. The advantages of hiring an immigration consultant are many, and you are sure to easily get through the process of immigration with an immigration consultant by your side. With the process of documentation and gathering all the required documents, you will get an easy way through, so you do not miss out upon any essential documents.

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