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Is it Possible to Study in Germany without IELTS?

June 1, 2021BY ZKV

Many people from Pakistan go for higher studies in Germany. Germany is known for its top class universities in the entire world. However, as English is not the preferred language of Pakistan most people cannot speak it therefore they fear that they will fail their IELTS test therefore they cannot even apply for the country.

However there is good news for these students because there is a way through which Pakistani students can study in Germany without IELTS for Pakistani students.

People without any research and investigation reach the conclusion that you cannot study in Germany if you don’t pass IELTS. But the truth is that you can study in Germany without passing the IELTS test.

Studying in Germany without IELTS

You can’t only study in Germany without IELTS but you can also get scholarships from many universities and study free in Germany. There are about 3000 scholarships available in Germany for Pakistani students who don’t pass IELTS and still wish to study there.

The best part is that you are not restricted to a certain degree. These scholarships are available for undergraduate, post graduate as well as PhD students.

Study in Germany without IELTS

There is a whole list of universities that offer these programs with different scholarships. Some are fully funded while others are partially. You can apply in all of them and see where you get the admission.

But the main thing here is that if you don’t need to pass IELTS, how do you apply and what documents do you need to show. You need to have an English proficiency letter by the time of your admission.

The Proficiency Letter

The English proficiency letter or the medium of instruction certificate can be obtained from the previous institute that you have studied from. It can prove that you are good at the language and can cope up with the discussions and studies that are happening using the language.

This MOI certificate is accepted by most of the universities all over Germany. However there are some that only accept IELTS as their mode of language test so in those universities you cannot apply if you have an MOI.

After you have provided the university with the MOI the next step is to wait and see if the university approves it or not. If it is accepted, you will receive a confirmation letter proving that you have the proficiency test and you are eligible for admission.

English Proficiency


In this way, if you want to attain a German degree and you don’t want to pass the IELTS or could not pass the test, you can get your English proficiency letter from your old institute and you are pretty much good to go. The best practice is to apply for as many universities as possible because the number of seats is very limited and there is a big chance that you might get rejected from multiple universities. Therefore to make sure that you have an alternative university to apply for multiple institute selection is advised.

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