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How To Get Malaysia Visa from Pakistan With Highbrow

December 24, 2020BY ZKV ( 0 ) Comment

Malaysia is a country located in South-East Asia. Malaysia has different reasons for its popularity such as “Petronas Twin Towers”, “Kuala Lumpur City”, and “Langkawi Cable Car” etc. Malaysia has a diverse culture and natural attractions. Moreover, amazing training is given in the top colleges of Malaysia, so if you want to fulfill your dream to study in Malaysian University, you can get a Malaysia visa from Pakistan through Highbrow International.

Do you want to get a Malaysia Visa from Pakistan with Highbrow?

If yes, then you should know about the following:

1. Requirements:

You will need your transcript, CNIC, a valid passport, a wellness certificate, and of course your accommodation form along with the fee of application charged by your desired institute.

2. Language requirements:

If you are an undergraduate or a graduate then you do not have to provide the proofs of IELTS or TOEFL tests, but if this is not the case then it is extremely crucial to pass both the tests.

3. Academic eligibility criteria:

You have to qualify for the Malaysian Education Certificate.

4. Visa information:

Since you will be an international student, you will require a student pass to study in Malaysia. At the immigration department, you will apply for a visa with a reference for getting the pass, or you can directly contact the educational institute.

5. Visa requirements:

  • Submit a letter from an accredited institution with passport approval.
  • Proof of approval of the study by the Home Affairs Minister.
  • Proof of personal responsibility and safety.
  • Any of three Malaysian government’s health insurance packages.

6. Work information:

If you want to work as well, then you will have to take permission from your institute to work part-time.

7. Highbrow as a Malaysia Consultant:

Highbrow is the best consultant for you if you want to study in Malaysia. Study consultants are so helpful because most of the time students have no knowledge regarding the foreign study system. Expert Visa and immigration consultants will guide you about the right path and they will clear all your queries. They will also make you familiar with the most appropriate available options. The consultants will speed up your application process. It is a quite difficult task to get the study visa made, consultants will help to make it easier and faster. 

8. Visa interviews:

You will have to give an interview if you want to get a Malaysia visa from Pakistan, the study consultant will organize a mock interview for you to prepare you for the actual interview and this will also help in increasing the chances for you to get the visa.


Malaysia provides a lot of facilities to its international students and that is why a huge number of students are interested in applying to a Malaysian University. Highbrow makes it easier for you to get the Malaysia visa and the consultants become a support system for you during the entire procedure.

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