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Benefits Of Studying In Malaysia in 2021

December 24, 2020BY ZKV ( 0 ) Comment

Benefits of studying in Malaysia in 2021

Malaysia is UNESCO’s 11th best study abroad destination for international students and hosts students from more than 100 countries. By studying there you will benefit from one of the world’s fastest-growing economies as well as an internationally acclaimed education system. They have very diverse programs from medicine to marketing offering high-quality degrees from Western institutions. It is one of the top priority destinations for studying and a valuable step towards your future for many reasons.


Compared to the UK, USA, and Australia the tuition fees for universities are relatively low. As well as the cost of living over there and other expenses are quite low.

Thriving Economy

Malaysia is a developing country and enjoys a sustained period of growth. They are reinvesting the profit of businesses and high-tech industries into higher education as well as research.


Malaysia is known to be a peaceful and accepting state. It has been ranked as the 5th safest country in APAC for women. They also enjoy political stability making them a peaceful country to pursue higher education in.

Healthy Environment

They are praised and known for how they have responded to and dealt with the covid-19 pandemic. Along with following strict hygiene SOP’s. Thus indicating that you will be studying in a clean and healthy environment.

Along with this, they have plenty of programs offered in different institutions in English which allows a student to enhance language skills along with pursuing education.

Malaysia Visa from Pakistan

Malaysia is quite keen on giving a visa to Pakistan as they enjoy good relations. The process of getting a Malaysian visa from Pakistan like every other is a long process that requires detailing. Here it is explained very thoroughly and by following some simple steps it will be a piece of cake for you. Firstly, to get a Malaysian visa from Pakistan you need to get an offer letter from an institution in Malaysia (the university you are applying to). Then your institution in Malaysia will send the (VAL) or visa approval letter to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). To get a visa approval letter the following documents will be required from you:

  1. Your passport
  2. Your photographs
  3. Transcripts of your previous academic record
  4. The offer letter from your institution in Malaysia
  5. English proficiency test certificate.
  6. Medical Examination clearance letter
  7. Personal bond: a security deposit that will be submitted by your institute in Malaysia on your behalf to the immigration department of Malaysia. 

After the submission of all these documents, an electronic visa approval letter will be issued by (EMGS). After this, the process is quite simple as you will attach the electronic visa approval letter with your passport and upon entering Malaysia the immigration department will give a temporary special pass for usually almost 30 days until you get the student pass of Malaysia. For the student pass of Malaysia, you will need your passport the offer letter issued by your institution, and the visa approval letter. After this, you can fulfill your dream of getting an education from a brilliant place like Malaysia.

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