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Australian Visit Visa Requirements for Pakistan

February 23, 2021BY ZKV

Australia is amongst the most famous destinations when it comes to Pakistani visitors. With a beautiful culture, colorful tradition, Australia is known to attract tourists from all around the globe. A great population of Pakistani ex-pats also live in Australia, and their Pakistani relatives wish to visit them. Australian visit visa is also known as the visitor/tourist ETA is designed for those people who wish to visit their loved ones in Australia. This visa can also be for those candidates who wish to visit Australia for tourism purposes. If you plan on going to Australia for tourism, or for visiting your dear ones, here is all you should know about the Australian visit visa.

What is an Australian Visit Visa?

Visitor/tourist ETA, also known as the Australian visit visa, is for those people who are willing to visit Australia for tourism purposes or for visiting their friends or family in the country. This Visa has a validity duration of 12 months. In each visit, the candidate can stay for 3 months. With this visa, the candidate is not allowed to work in the country but is allowed multiple travel entries.

Eligibility for the Australian Visit Visa

For you to be eligible for the ETA visa, here are the requirements:

  1. The applicant must be out of Australia when applying for the visa.
  2. When ETA is granted, the applicant is required to be outside of the country.
  3. You must be traveling to Australia as a business visitor or as a tourist.
  4. You should have a valid passport for ETA application.
  5. The reason for staying in Australia for a 3-month duration for each stay should comply with the set conditions of the visa.
  6. Tourist activities are limited to recreation, holidays, and visits to friends or family.
  7. A diplomatic or official passport holder cannot apply for an ETA visa.
  8. You must not have any criminal record.
  9. There must be no pending debts yet to be paid.
  10. ETA is only for an individual member. Every member must have their visa.

Visitor Visa Requirements Specific for Pakistani Citizens

Some general requirements for Pakistani members when applying for Australian visa include:

  1. Must be outside Australia: When applying for the visa, you must be outside Australia.
  2. Meeting the health requirements: According to the WHO guidelines, Pakistanis may pose a high risk of tuberculosis for the country. Hence, medical checks for tuberculosis are considered before you get the visa.
  3. Having good character: Criminal convictions must not be in your record. You must have a good character free of any criminal records.
  4. Have sufficient funds: You must prove to the Australian government that you have enough money to pay for the entire trip to Australia.
  5. Have adequate health insurance: When it comes to medical expenses, Pakistan has no agreement with Australia to cover the medical expenses. Hence, you will be responsible for the medical bills that may come during your stay in the country. Hence, you must prove that you have enough health coverage before entering the country.
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