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Why People Love to Immigrate to Sweden From Pakistan

March 25, 2021BY ZKV

Sweden is, without doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations for Pakistani immigrants and it is not without reason. Immigration to Sweden from Pakistan is indeed a wonderful idea and here are some of the reasons why Sweden is a good choice for Pakistani immigrants. For foreigners, workers, and citizens alike, Sweden is a great socialist country for foreigners.

Swedish Benefits are Worth It

Swedish HealthCare

For workers in Sweden, there are loads of holidays, with a minimum of 5 weeks paid vacation. As for parents, you can get as many as a total of 480 days of paid paternal leave. Interestingly, these days can be divided between both parents.

Additionally, healthcare benefits are an added advantage. Semi-free healthcare means that you have to pay an average of 100-250kr for every healthcare visit, with only a maximum fee of 1000kr.

The Taxes may be High But They Are Certainly Worth the Rewards

Swedish education

It is no secret that the taxes in Sweden are higher than average, but more than anything, the rewards are worth the benefits you get in return. Healthcare and education benefits are just some of the things you get in return for paying the taxes. The standard tax rate is 30% with a 25% VAT. For those who earn fewer than 18,80kr a year, they are exempted from all taxes.

Appealing Weather Conditions and Seasons

Sweden weather and seasons attract Pakistani People

Another popular reason for Immigration to Sweden from Pakistan is the refreshing winters and warm summers. While some consider the winters in Sweden to be too cold and dark, the various popular activities make everything much livelier. Whether it is skiing you prefer, hockey, or ice-skating, there is no shortage of things to enjoy in winters. This refreshing and cold winter season sure is a change for Pakistanis who are used to warm temperatures, but it is exactly this change that makes it a preferable choice. As for summers, temperatures can reach 30 degrees. Swimming is one of the most popular activities.

Food and Snacks

Swedish cuisine

Swedish cuisine is among the top in the world with its famous meatballs, Snaps, Sil, and Lördagsgodis. Over years of receiving immigrants from all across the globe, Sweden has also adopted the food culture from the Mediterranean, Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Sports Culture

Swedish ice hockey

Sweden’s sports culture is bound to bring out the sportsman in anyone. From ice hockey to handball and football, there is no shortage of sports activities and platforms for natives and foreigners alike. Ice hockey is one of the leading sports in Sweden, with a great Swedish ice hockey team.

Comfortable Lifestyle

Comfortable lifestyle in Sweden

Sweden offers its citizens and residents a very relaxed lifestyle, with great emphasis placed on reducing stress, focusing more on personal skills, and valuing a vibrant community living.

For the aforementioned reasons, Sweden is indeed a good option for any Pakistani immigrant planning to settle abroad in a country that has a lot to offer in terms of education, sports, and culture.

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