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Who can Apply for a Canada Student Visa?

May 28, 2021BY ZKV

Canada has arguably one of the best university standards and living conditions in the world so naturally every person likes to apply for a student visa. Canada also has a great community of people from all across the world so it is rich in diversity. However, getting a Canadian student visa is not as easy as it seems. You have to complete all the requirements and wait for the state or the university to accept your visa.

To get yourself on Canada student visa checklist, you have to meet all the eligibility criteria:

You can be eligible for Canadian student visa if you fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must be enrolled in a registered and government recognized institute of your own country 
  • Also, you need to have a bank statement. The bank statement must prove that you have enough money to pay for your institute fee, your living and your stay while you are in the country
  • You must prove and show your record in your country. In case you have any form of criminal record registered with the police, your visa request will be rejected
  • You need to show your medical certificate as well. Prove that you have come to the country in the best health without any illness
  • You also need to prove that once you are done with your studies your visa has expired you will return to your country.

These are the basic requirements that you need to fulfil  for Canadian student visa. It is to be noted that once you have provided all your documents it is not necessary that you will be accepted and given the student visit visa. This decision depends on the Canadian council. 

Who can apply for a Canada student visa

Now in order to apply for the student visa, you can either do the entire thing online or you can also apply through a paper application depending on your preference. For better understanding you can also go through the guidelines for Canada study visa. The processing time taken by the application is a lot shorter than that by a paper application. Of course, you can also avoid all the hassle and hire an agent that can help you go through the entire process. You will just have to produce your documents and provide them to the agent and they will do it for you and then you will be notified if your application for the visa was accepted or not. 

There are other advantages to study in Canada as well. If your student visa has been granted with a full permit and you are a full time student at your institution you can also do part time jobs and even full time jobs in Canada and gain experience and earn for yourself and anyone who has come with you. 

Therefore many people wish to go to Canada and have a student visa. Although the process is easy, you can apply again if you are rejected and there are many chances that you will be accepted.

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