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What is the Process Time of Australia Visit Visa from Pakistan?

May 28, 2021BY ZKV

This country because of its wonderful eye-catching scene and rich culture attracts the Pakistanis to visit there. Most of the population in Australia is Pakistani expats, who live there. Everyone wants to get full information before going there. Following information will help you when you will be trying to get Australia visit visa from Pakistan.

Centers of  Visa Application

They required a biometric system of each applicant. There is an additional charge for the biometric system. There are different types of visas and each has different requirements.

Visa Requirements for Tourists

You can apply for tourist visa of Australia by fulfilling the given requirements.

  • Scanned copy of passport
  • If you have any previous visa, then scan any two pages on which stamps or visa Is present
  • Registration certificate of family
  • Marriage registration certificate
  • Recent four photo passports size
  • Last three-month bank statement and maintenance letter stamped by bank

For detailed information you can check: Australian Visit Visa Requirements for Pakistan

What is the process time of Australian visit visa from Pakistan

Funded by some relative living in Australia

  • If you are funded by some relative or friend, then they have to write a letter in which their name, date of birth and their relationship with you is mentioned
  • Their bank statement of the last three months and their salary slip and evidence of their funds is required

Funded by some relative or friend living outside Australia

  • If you are funded by one outside Australia then they also have to give the same details as above.  They also provide details about their job by giving their position, income and the length of their contract/employment
  • If the friend or relative who lives outside Australia has its own work, then it has to provide the following details; what type of work they are do? Their business registration license and bank statements related to their business.

Personal assets

  • If you have any property,  you have to show it, for example, land, property, shares or investment

Medical fitness

  • For medical fitness certificate of polio vaccination is required


  • If you are working somewhere then, you have to provide salary slips of the last three months and details of your position, income and the length of your contract period.
  • Approved letter from your boss that you will resume your job after your return.
  • If you have your own business, then in that case you have to provide the name of the company, address, and license, type of business and bank statements related to it.
  • From the federal board of revenue, copy of the National tax registration number certificate.

For Aged People

  • For people more than 75 years old they have to provide medical insurance that covers their stay there.

Application Visa Process Details

Visit Visa Application Process for Australia

  • Select the category of visa which you want and then download its relevant visa application form
  • Collect the documents required for your visa type
  • Prepare bank draft to pay the fees of visa and service charges also pay to the Australian Visit Application Centre
  • Arrange an appointment for visiting the AVAC for submitting your visa application form and biometrics.
  • The validity of the passport is six months. The days required in visa processing are 14-28 days, and the visa fee is 140 AUD.

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