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What Canada Visa Requirement You Must Consider To Study Abroad

May 4, 2021BY ZKV

This is the aim of every student to get education from their favorite university abroad. By studying abroad you not only get education but learn other things as well. When a student lives with other students he/she learns their culture, traditions, and some habits. There are many countries where students go for higher studies in which Canada is one of them.

Requirements For Studying in Canada

If you want to apply for study in Canada, you must consider the Canada student visa requirements that are given below:

  • You have to submit a complete study permit application: The study permit is a document that allows foreign nationals to study in any designated learning institutes in Canada. Some people make it confuse with a visa. They consider it a visa but both are different things. Without the visa, you can’t enter Canada. You have a visitor visa or electronic travel authorization. 
  • You must be enrolled in any university in Canada.
  • Prove yourself that you have enough money to pay your fees, living expenses of yourself and for your family members who are coming with you, and return transportation for yourself and for your member.
  • You must obey all laws there, you should have not any criminal record and you have to get a certificate of yourself from the police of your country.
  • You should be in good health and have a medical fitness certificate
  • You must provide proof to the officer that after the expiration of the study permit you will leave Canada

Required Documents

Proof of Acceptance

This is issued by the school that you are accepted into as a student. You have to submit both original and electronic copy of this letter with your study permit application.

Proof of Identity

You have to submit valid transport and travel document of you and any member of you who is traveling with you. Those who apply online have to submit a copy of their passport. After its approval then you have to submit the original passport and two recent passport size photos. Write your date of birth and name on its back.

Proof of Financial Support

From the following ways you can prove your funds with:

  • Last 4 months bank statement.
  • If you take any loan then provide proof of that education and student loan from a bank.
  • A bank draft that can be converted to CAD.
  • If any Canadian institute gives you a guaranteed investment certificate then you can give it as proof.
  • Proof that you paid tuition and housing fee.
  • You can show the letter from the person who can give you the money.
  • If you have a scholarship then use it as Proof of funding.

Letter of Explanation

This letter explains your aim and purpose of studying in Canada. It will help the officer that why you want to study in Canada and do you understand your responsibilities as a student.

Certificate of Acceptance in Quebec

If you want to study in Quebec, you have to take the acceptance letter from the Quebec state.

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