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IELTS Requirement for PhD Admissions in Canada

June 1, 2021BY ZKV

For further studies after the completion of the post graduate or the master’s degree, many people prefer to go abroad to complete their PhD degree. Canada is one of the top most priorities of many people. It is a much preferred country because Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world. Also the country has great living conditions and has various communities of people from all over the world especially Asians.

Requirements for PhD

To do your PhD degree in Canada certain requirements need to be fulfilled. First and the most basic of all is obviously that you have to have a Masters degree in a related field with good grades.

IELTS Requirement

The second most important requirement is that you need to pass your IELTS test. You have to prove that you can speak and understand the language therefore a good score in IELTS is required. Different countries have different criteria on the amount of bands required to enroll a student. However for Canada, students that apply for the university must have an IELTS test with at least 6.5 bands. But this is just the lowest amount of score that you need. In some cases you might need a higher bound to quality which ranges from about 7.0 to 7.5.

IELTS requirement for PhD admissions in Canada


Getting the amount of bands is very important because especially if you are from a country where the native language is not English then it is necessary that you must have a good IELTS band score so that you can use the language.

Having a good score in IELTS is also a Canada student visa requirements so if you don’t have it you are ineligible to get the student visa for Canada and you will be straight up rejected.

Other Requirements for PhD in Canada

Along with a good band score in IELTS there are other requirements as well. You need to have your masters in a related subject. At the time of applying for the Canada student visa you need to prove that you will return to the county as your studies are completed. Also they will require your bank statement so that it proves that you may be able to pay all your dues.

Requirements for PhD in Canada

Canada is a very attractive point for many foreign students because unlike other countries, it also offers a chance to do some sort of part-time or full time jobs. This enables the students to earn a living for themselves and also earn work experience.

Although it is to be noted that getting admission for PhD in Canada is no mean feat. The atmosphere is very competitive and along with good luck you also need a good academic background with good grades. Many students get rejected by many universities because every year there are many students who apply for it. Unfortunately not anyone can get the admission because the number of available seats is limited.

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