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How To Get a Provincial Nomination PNP for Canadian Immigration?

May 6, 2021BY ZKV

Canadian immigration has always been difficult than usual in any era. There is some tricky sort of process from which the applicants should have to go through to get immigration to any of the provinces in Canada. Every province or state has its requirements and criteria. Their requirements and criteria are a bit different from one another. The applicants should be able to reach the minimum requirements of that territory for getting immigration successfully.

The Process to Get PNP Immigration

Firstly you should apply to the province or territory where you are interested to live. The Immigration board will review your application. Then the step is to apply for permanent residency in Canadian Immigration.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant after applies the Provincial nominees’ program will meet the minimum requirements of any province. In case the applicant don’t meet the minimum requirements plan of any province or doesn’t nominate for provinces provided in the list then the applicant will have to contact the province on their website.

Immigration to Canada from Pakistan Requirements

How to Apply

Once the applicant is nominated in the Provincial nominees’ program for permanent residency, he should go for further proceedings. The province will provide you the form of applications by your guide, who will also help you is filling that forms carefully. Any sort of misinformation or loss of interest in permanent residency in that province can cause your application rejected or ban for the next 5 years from applying to permanent residency or PNP nomination.

Top 5 Ways for Immigration to Canada from Pakistan in 2021

The applicant will surely pay fees of applications which includes processing of the application of members who are going to apply, RPRF Fees, most importantly biometric fees,  biometric are a very important part of processing your application. Applicants have to give fingerprints and facial prints or photos for record and verification. The guide will better help you with this. Another way to apply is described below.

Express Entry

As an applicant applied to the Provincial nominees’ program. The province authorities will shortlist the names of nominees and they will be listed in the nomination certificate. The applicant has to create an express entry account and as the Provincial nominees’ program nominates you, that will be shown on the account.

The interest of the applicant in provinces will be given in that account so that the authorities could send you the interest notification. The applicant will decide to accept it or leave it. After accepting the Interest notification further proceedings will be followed.

Applicants should have to meet the minimum requirements of three federal immigration programs so that their application will be accepted into the express entry pool of candidates. In case the applicant doesn’t have express entry nomination so the applicant has to apply directly to the province or territory. As they confirm your nomination for permanent residency. They will contact you with an account so it is compulsory to have express entry account.

The authorities will respond to your application that whether it is accepted or rejected for some sort of reason, will be given in that account. If you are rejected you will remain in the pool and will be again invited when you meet the criteria of any province.

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