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How to Apply for Scholarships in Australia in Top Universities?

March 26, 2021BY ZKV

Australia is one of the top priority countries when it comes to acquiring higher education. Its good scholarship opportunities and high standard of education are the main reasons that students apply for scholarships in Australia. Australia supports a relatively easy application process with numerous opportunities for students.

The Scholarship Application Process in Australia

Scholarship Types

There are three types of scholarships in Australia for which your finances can be covered:

  • Living or accommodation charges
  • Tuition fee
  • Both living and accommodation costs

Most scholarships are based on academic performances, in which half, some mount, or the full amount will be paid for. However, some opportunities look into the financial situation of students rather than only focusing on academics.

How to Apply for Scholarships in Australia in Top Universities?

How to Apply

It is important to know how to apply for a scholarship in Australia.

  • The first step to take is to start diving into research at an early stage. It is important to find out about scholarship providers. There are many government-funded scholarships as well. Thorough research can increase the chances of availing of a scholarship. All scholarship providers have their eligibility criteria listed so you can make a list of the criteria that you fall in.
  • Secondly, you need to prepare all the documents needed for that application, this is a highly important step that needs to be carried out with utmost care. The documentation usually includes all academic transcripts and offer letters , language proficiency and references if necessary. It should also be made sure that the documentation needed for translation is done. Some necessary criteria should also be fulfilled like personal statements and application forms.
  • Each scholarship has different eligibility criteria, some scholarships encourage community work and certificates of many extra-curricular activities. Some need excellence in the main course you are going for while some need really good academic transcripts. Many scholarships are also for specific countries.
  • It is highly important to get your application reviewed by someone fluent in English to avoid any grammar mistakes.
  • Apply for scholarships with all the documentation to top universities with the help of organizations and institutions to clear any confusion about eligibility.

All in all, you need to be vigilant about the opening and closing dates while applying with the necessary documentation mentioned above if you fall into the eligibility criteria.

Top 10 Universities to Apply for Scholarships

How to Apply for Scholarships in Australia in Top Universities?

These universities have to offer the best when it comes to education in Australia and Australian scholarships in 2021.

1. Australian National University(ANU)

ANU is one of the top universities not only in Australia but all across the world, it is ranked among the top 50 when it comes to staff, students, and quality of education. It is on the priority list of all highly intelligent students. It is located in Acton, Canberra with compasses in New South Wales as well.

2. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is the second-best university in Australia with a 40th world rank, its facilities and quality of education continue to attract thousands of students every year. This University was one of Australia’s first universities.

3. University of Melbourne

This university with a global rank of 41 is the highest in employer rank and quality of education and is also a member of the Group of eight, it has managed to maintain its high standard over the years. 42% of its students are international which makes it one of the best for international students.

4. University of South Wales (UNSW)

UNSW stands 44th in the global rank and 4th in Australia. Every ear it welcomes a fair range of international students also through scholarships. It is the founding member of Group of eight.

5. University of Queensland (UQ)

It is one of the top five universities in Australia with a global rank of 46. Its alumni include two Nobel Prize winners while its research facility boasts innovations such as the cervical cancer vaccine.

6. Monash University

Monash universities being amongst the top 50 has excellent students’ indicators and academic performance. Although it is based in Melbourne it does have many campuses overseas.

7. University of Western Australia (UWA)

UWA falls into the top 100 rankings over the world it is in the 92nd place with excellent citation faculty and international faculty member’s performance. It outscores all of the Australian universities in Australia in this regard.

8. University of Adelaide

It is Australia’s 3rd oldest university and has a world ranking of 106. The international student’s indicator falls into 44th place with having international students from over 100 countries.

9. University of Technology Sydney(UTS)

This year UTS has risen 7 places high over the world and continues to improve its standard. It falls into 133rd place globally. It has excellent citation faculty international students as well as employer reputation. Their main aim is to advance research-based knowledge and is one of the youngest Australia’s top universities.

10. University of Wollongong

It falls under Australia’s top 10 universities and a world ranking of 196 and has risen 16 places. It has an excellent citation per faculty indicator. The university does a good job in highlighting society’s economic, environmental and medical challenges.

All of these Universities are Australia’s and even the world’s top opportunities for maintaining or bettering their perfect standards. There are many scholarship opportunities where students can apply to secure their places at these universities both merit-based and others. Some of the scholarship providers helping students can be

  • The institution you are applying to: you can avail yourself of the opportunity by contacting the international student team or looking through their website.
  • The Australian government: the government has helped quite a lot when it comes to providing scholarships. Some of the scholarships for international students are the Australian awards scholarship, Australia award fellowship, and Endeavor scholarships.
  • Organizations: Many organizations based in Australia like charity organizations contribute to the countries education by providing scholarships.
  • The government department in the home country: You can contact the relevant department as every year many governments send their students internationally to acquire higher education.
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