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How Italy Is Becoming a Favorite Destination for Students

March 23, 2021BY ZKV ( 0 ) Comment

How Italy Is Becoming a Favorite Destination for Students

Italy is a country with beautiful landscapes, rich culture and history, and delightful streets. It is ranked under the 51 heritage sites by UNESCO. Students seeing the marvelous lifestyle of Italy want to pursue further education over there. Its diverse beauty and mouthwatering food are not the only things due to which this is a student’s favorite destination. 

Firstly, it is blessed with the best climate which makes the experience very easy and relaxing.


Secondly, it has the world’s best universities over there. Italy plays a very important role in education especially after the reform of European higher education through the bologna process.

Thirdly, it quite affordable, the university fee as well as the accommodation fee.

Fourthly, it has a very easy and organized transport system so you can get around without any stress. Italy is famous for its exquisite nightlife which students are very keen to experience.

With a wide range of institutions, best and high-quality education alongside rich in Art and history Italy proves to be the favorite destination for students. So, studying in Italy will not only help you build your career, but you will also enjoy living there due to its culture-rich environment.

How to Apply for Italy Study visa

In order to study in the country of dreams – Italy, you will require an Italy study visa. However if you are an EU or EFTA country, which is Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, and Liechtenstein, a visa will not be required. However, these countries have to provide health, insurance, financial stability as well as accommodation details. Also, you will have to apply for a residence permit in order to stay for more than three months. The register office in Italy will issue that. You can move as a temporary resident and renew it every year in case you don’t want to move permanently.

For non-EU students you need to firstly have the following documents to apply for an Italy study visa:

  1. A passport size photograph
  2. Your passport
  3. The confirmation of admission to a university in Italy
  4. Your previous educational transcripts
  5. Proof of your accommodation in Italy
  6. Proof that you have the finances for personal use while in Italy.
  7. Health insurance certificate

The visa process is quite simple and straightforward. To get an Italy study visa firstly you need to secure a place in your desired university in Italy. Then you need to contact an embassy nearest to you and understand the visa process of your home country to a foreign country as well as secure a visa interview for further process of Italian visa application. In the interview, you will be required to submit two things, your documents and pay the application fee. After the visa confirmation comes in writing you will need to apply for a residency permit within eight days of arrival at the nearest Questura (a sort of police station). After this, it will take a few months for the residency permit to come through and until then you will be issued a temporary one. After all this, you will be studying in a country everyone dreams and wishes to be in!

If you have any question or queries, you can contact us at Highbrow.

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