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Fully Funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students in China

May 4, 2021BY ZKV

Traditional Chinese culture placed a high value on education as a way of improving one’s worth and profession. The Chinese educational system includes six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, three years of undergraduate college, and four years of regular university curriculum.

Many foreign students choose China as their study abroad destination. So why is this so? In recent years, China has made significant investments in education and has established alliances with universities in the United Kingdom and the United States. Chinese universities have high-quality education and services. As a result, over 100 universities and colleges are actually included in the Times’ top rankings.

So how much does it cost to live and study in China? We’ll go through some of the more common expenses, such as tuition and living expenses, farther down. We want to give you a general understanding of how much money you’ll need to research in the world’s fourth-largest economy.

Scholarships From China for Pakistani Applicants

Chinese government scholarships for Pakistani students are national government scholarships for Pakistani students, and they are all entirely funded depending on the region or place in China. The governments of major cities offer opportunities to international students, especially those from the Asian continent, of which Pakistan is one.

Every year, over 1,000 Pakistani students are given opportunities by the Chinese government to study at top universities and colleges in China.

Public University Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at Chinese public universities usually vary from 2,500 and 10,000 USD per academic year. There are also some programs that have no tuition costs. These are currently given by universities from other countries with campuses in China (for example, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Denmark).

Private University Tuition Fees

Tuition at private colleges is typically higher. Although most courses cost less than 30,000 USD per year, some MBA programs will cost more than 40,000 USD per year. Academic entities from other countries could have much higher costs. For example, tuition expenses at the New York University (NYU) Shanghai, which was established in partnership with the East China National University of Shanghai, exceed $50,000 USD per year.

The Top China Government Scholarships in 2021 are listed below.

1. Guangxi Scholarship

Guangxi Medical University

Guangxi Government Scholarship is the first scholarship for Pakistani students in China. The Chinese government funds the Guangxi Government Scholarships. International students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the scholarship, which will allow them to study in China. Courses for students receiving Chinese Government Scholarship are usually taught in Chinese. Unless their schools and superiors have English-taught classes, they must take a one-year preparatory Chinese language course before beginning their major thesis. This scholarship is entirely funded and includes tuition, living costs, and medical expenses.

Guangxi Scholarship link

2. Provincial Scholarships in Hubei

Provincial Scholarships in Hubei

The Hubei Provincial Scholarships are Chinese Government Scholarships for Pakistani Students. Hubei State has developed Hubei Provincial Scholarships Management regulations to foster talent development, scientific research, public welfare, and cultural ties in higher education institutions. This is a partly subsidized scholarship that only pays tuition costs and has a certain number based on the degree.

Hubei Provincial Scholarships link

3. Scholarships from the Yunnan Provincial Government

Yunnna university

The China Scholarship Council is the sponsor of this scholarship (CSC). The CSC is a non-profit organization funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education that promotes foreign student exchange in China. CSC funds Chinese people and residents studying overseas, as well as international students and academics studying in China. Individuals are the exclusive recipients of scholarships from the organization. It is a fully-funded scholarship that covers Tuition, all associated costs, Accommodation, and Living Expenses.

Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship link

4. Mayor Scholarships from the Municipal Government of Chongqing

Chongqing University

The Chinese government is funding this scholarship. To promote more excellent foreign students to seek higher education in Chongqing, the Chongqing Municipal Government has launched the Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship.

Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship link

5. Scholarships from the Jilin Provincial Government

The Government of China has funded this scholarship to provide scholarships for foreign students and scholars to prepare for a Master’s degree and complete postgraduate training in school, with the aim of strengthening international cooperation and attracting autonomously international students to benefit from Jilin governmental scholarship.

Jilin Provincial Government of China Scholarship link

6. Scholarships from the Shanghai Municipal Government

Scholarships from the Shanghai Municipal Government

The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has funded this scholarship to assist foreign students who wish to earn a degree from the university. This scholarship is only available for undergraduate and postgraduate programs taught in Chinese.

Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship link

7. Government Scholarships in Heilongjiang

Government Scholarships in Heilongjiang

The Chinese government is providing this scholarship. It was established in an attempt to further encourage and make real progress on the size, level, and operability of Heilongjiang Province’s international students’ education, as well as to draw more scholastically international exposure students to study in Heilongjiang.

8. Scholarships from the Sichuan Provincial Government

Sichuan University

The scholarship is available to Sichuan Province’s higher education institutions that are authorized to accept foreign students. Full-time traditional higher education institutions, higher technical schools, and junior colleges that have been accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education that offer standardized programs are among these universities.

This scholarship is available to students pursuing a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate degree in any discipline offered at the chosen institution. It is a partly funded scholarship that costs approximately RMB 30000, depending on the choice made.

Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarships link

9. Scholarships from the Anhui Government for International Students

Scholarships from the Anhui Government for International Students

This scholarship is funded by the Anhui Government in order to encourage more foreign students to study and research in Anhui higher education institutions, to increase international student educational standards, to deepen shared understanding and cooperation between Anhui people and people from other parts of the world, and to broaden international interdisciplinary cooperation.

Anhui Government Scholarship link

10. Scholarship-Chinese University Program

The Chinese government is providing this scholarship. The Chinese University Program provides full scholarships to selected Chinese universities and regional education offices in particular provinces or independent nations in order to attract outstanding foreign students for graduate school in China. It is only available to college students.

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