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Difficulties in Getting Canada Study Visa in 2021

February 1, 2021BY ZKV ( 0 ) Comment

Canada has an amazing reputation worldwide and this is the basic reason for which it is regarded to be the top study destination to study for international students. Canada has an excellent education system and studying in Canada provides amazing growth opportunities to the students. Almost all the student’s dream of studying abroad and Canada is one of those dream destinations. This guide is to help the students in knowing the key difficulties they can face to get a student visa in Canada in 2021:

1- Statement of Purpose

SOP also called the statement of purpose is an opportunity which most of the students miss most of the time. They feel it like a burden and not an opportunity which makes them regret it later. The letter of purpose is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed by the students and they can use it in a very beneficial way. You can use the SOP for addressing the shortcomings of your visa application. 

2- Study Program

The basic objective of getting a study visa for Canada is to study and selecting the program is the most important thing to do for applying for a study visa in Canada. Your choice of career must meet your educational background. For example, if someone with an arts background selects engineering to study in Canada, then this doesn’t make any sense. Your selection of a study program must make sense so that your visa application may be selected soon. In most cases, students waste their money and time while selecting the wrong study program.

3- Application Form

The application form for the student visa to Canada is an important tool that should be properly filled with all the correct information. However there are not many mistakes that people make, but still, the applicants make some common mistakes that can cancel their visa application. Try to make sure that you only provide valid and authentic details in your visa application form as wrong information provided in the application would not only reject your application but also impose a five years ban on you. You need to put all the details truly. 

4- Illegal Agents

There might be a lot of agents and agencies working around you promising to provide you with authentic and transparent visa services. But you need to trust an agent carefully. Only the agents authorized by Canadian law can provide you the Canadian study visa services and the rest all will be fake or fraudulent. In most cases, the agency you have hired may not be the authorized one and this can lead to a 5-year ban. While you are looking for visa consultants, you need to select the one whom you find the most trustworthy and suitable for the task. Make sure to check the experience and all the certificates to make sure that the consultant is authorized.

All these tips will make it hassle-free for you to get your Canada study visa in 2021.

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