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Canadian Immigration and Study in Canada Visa From Pakistan

July 30, 2020BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Students Direct stream

Students Direct stream has been the expedited study permit which is processing the program for those students who are like to apply to get an education in Canada at the post-secondary which has been designated by learning the institution where the SDS has been available towards the legal residents who also reside in another country around the world.

Permanent Residency in Canada

Hence, the permanent residency is considered as someone who is issued by the permanent residency visa by the Canadian government and also has been landed in the land of Canada as a foreign national, not as the Canadian Citizen.

The permanent residents of Canada have the right to the social and health benefits, which make that Canadian citizens get. Permanent residence could live work and study anywhere in Canada, which used to apply for Canadia citizenship after spending a certain amount of their time as a permanent resident in Canada.

Therefore, the permanent Resident has the protection under the Government Canadian law and the Canadia charter of making rights and freedom.

Canadian Immigration from Pakistan
Canadian Immigration from Pakistan

Canadian Immigration from Pakistan

Canadian permanent Residency application based on the following, i.e.

  • A federal skilled worker program
  • Canadian Experience class
  • Federal skilled and Trade program
  • Provisional Nominee program
  • Investor & Business Class program
  • Humanitarian and compassionate consideration

Express Entry Canadian Immigration

The express entry of any employer gives them an excellent opportunity for their recruitment in different segments of employment in Canada. The express entry uses to support the labor shortage when there are no Canadian citizens or permanent residents who help in finding the job. Hence, express entry allows employers to have a direct role in recruiting skilled workers.

Express entry used to match with the applicants through job banks and as well as apply for the labor market impact assessment.

If the foreign worker has worked in Canada on the work permit which supported the job exempt for needing one which could offer them the job in order to support the application on the permanent residence.

Pakistani Students in Canada
Pakistani Students in Canada

Work in Canada

Hence, if you want to permanently hire for the foreign worker which you do not have the LMIA for the job which needs to try and find the Canadian or permanent resident to fill the job. Though, you need to meet the LMIA requirements by including posting your job ad on the Government of the Canadian Job Bank and advertisement in two other places.

The Express Entry candidates cant usually work in the Canadian until they have their permanent resident visa. In some of the cases, they would already be in Canada with the temporary work permit. Express Entry allows all candidates who get the job offer and have been invited in order to apply which will not automatically get the work permit or temporary resident visa while we process their application.

Candian government selects the eligible candidates which are capable of contributing towards the growth of their economy through the express entry system by assessing the application on the basis of the number of human capital factors.

Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in Lahore

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Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in Lahore
Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in Lahore







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