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Best Ways To Apply for a Job in Canada from Pakistan

March 8, 2021BY ZKV

One of the biggest hurdles that most immigrants from Pakistan face is the attempt to immigrate to Canada is any offer of a job from a Canadian employer. The problem is that most people are not able to afford to travel to Canada just for discussing future career options and jobs. Going to Canada in search of a job is a hard task, and not everyone can afford the travel expenses in hope of finding a job there. Hence, most, if not all people look for a way to get a job offer from Canada in the country that they are currently living in. Unfortunately, this is the hard thing about coming to Canada, but it does not get any easier. If you want to apply for a job in Canada from Pakistan, here are some simple ways to do so.

Ways to apply for a job in Canada

There are some groups like self-employed occupations, and business investors and business owners that do not need a job offer to get work in Canada. But others, who do not fall in these categories will need to get an offer. How can you apply for a job in Canada while being in Pakistan? Here is how to apply.

Best Ways To Apply for a Job in Canada from Pakistan

1. Through Networks

By far, the easiest way to get a job in Canada is through networking. If any of your family and friends live in Canada, they can help you set foot in the country. Consider it good or bad, having the right people in Canada is amongst the easiest and best ways to get a job in the country.

2. Contacting the Agencies

One good way to get a job in Canada from Pakistan is to get in touch with multiple recruitment agencies, and its best if they are related to your profession. Employers now are increasingly in need of external hiring and so your chances of hiring from another country are greater. Several agencies are working on hiring foreign workers, so you have a good chance of applying for a job where foreign employees are hired.

3. Online Recruitment Agencies

Several online recruitment agencies function where the Canadian job employers regularly and frequently look for foreign workers. To avail of these offers, visit the recruitment agencies’ websites to make your account, upload your CV, and apply for the job you find appropriate. Several recruitment agencies are operating today, so you can simply find the right job and apply!

4. Approaching the Employers

It’s always a good option to cold-email and calls those employers who you think will appreciate your skills and hire you for a job position. You can also search the employer’s website to see the job postings and apply accordingly. If the employer sees you as a suitable candidate for the job, it will not matter if you live overseas. So, it’s always worth a try to directly approach the employer because they value and appreciate people who take this initiative and step up!

There are several ways, as discussed above, to apply for a job in Canada from Pakistan. You can search up all the options and choose the most appropriate one. 

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