Highbrow International (Pvt.) Limited incorporated under Companies Ordinance with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and Punjab Bar Council. Established in 2002, we are today Pakistan’s one of the largest immigration consultancy firms, with our chain of offices extended in Canada, Australia and the UK.  For over 18 years, we have been committed to turning dreams and visions into a reality that people can live in and prosper from. We offer trustworthy and proficient consultancy services in immigration, foreign education, visit visas, citizenship and more.

We specialize in executing end-to-end immigration solutions for your study, settlement, business or investment plans.

Our team of experts offers tailored plans for you and your family based on every individual’s requirements and preferences. Our affiliation with prestigious universities from the UK, Australia, Canada, the USA, and Europe has helped thousands of students pursue the career of their dreams and mould them today into a better tomorrow.

All our efforts become fruitful when satisfied clients start their journey through a hassle-free procedure. We are here to assist you at every step of your immigration or foreign education plan.


We being the leading immigration and
student counselors, endeavor to ensure
a bright future by opening doors of
opportunities to our clients.


We seek to be the trustworthy leaders
in order to deliver brilliance to our kin
and to society all in all, to transform their
fantasies into realities.


Since 2002, we are striving to provide
excellent services to our clients in order to
make their immigration or study abroad
visa process smooth and easy going.


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    Immigration Consultation in Lahore For Canada, Australia, and the UK

    What is Immigration Consultation?
    The Immigration Consultant works for giving the customer counsel and direction on the best ways to acquire expected documentation to relocate immigrate and how to finish this procedure easily. A good and reliable Immigration Consultant will help you to immigrate and find permanent residency in a country of your choice through legal documentation.
    The Visa and Immigration Consultant must work inside severe timetables and speak with specialists and the customer reliably by means of email or phone usually. Customers must be dealt with separately and the procedure is-made to suit them, translators are also hired often in necessary cases. The consultant must have a solid comprehension of border control systems just as any related enactment.

    Expected services from an immigration consultant
    The Visa and Immigration Consultant must supervise all parts of the Visa and Immigration Service, guaranteeing that the procedure runs easily and must meet all customers and manage all applications up close and personal and by post to guarantee that the customer is reasonable.
    They are expected to direct the finishing of all important visa and migration reports and notify that the documents are received within the limit suggested by the administration. Moreover, an assurance that the entirety of the data given by the customer is precise and right, getting ready, and checking every authoritative report is also required from an immigration consultant.
    Maintenance of good and solid working associations with all customers and partners is necessary and there must be an option to assist the customer with obtaining Visas, Green cards, and other documentation required. The consultant should assume full liability of all Immigration issues and activities that may arise in the immigration process, staying up to date regarding any progressions to legislations and might also be required to train some HR staff to improve their comprehension of immigration rules to assist them with fulfilling their jobs to a significant level.

    Immigration consultation in Lahore
    Just like any other city or state, you’ll find immigration consultants for many states particularly UK, Canada, and Australia, in Lahore as well and the expected services from an immigration consultation in Lahore are all that we have mentioned above. The company that meets all the required standards we’d say is Highbrow that will provide immigration consultation in Lahore for Canada, Australia, and the UK.
    Highbrow https://www.highbrow.com.pk/  is definitely one of the most compelling and influential names of immigration consultation companies in Pakistan and it’s great that they have their embassy in Lahore as well. Their portfolio consists of settling 1000s of families as immigrants in Canada, UK, and Australia. Relocation to another nation is a significant choice and it includes a few formalities and documentation which request a lot of information from you.
    Highbrow’s mastery, data, and experience to support you and your family by sifting through the complicated immigration procedure and visa essentials make it a less stressful procedure. Highbrow plans to totally fathom your necessities and will be there as your accomplice to give the best services.