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  • 01 Jan 2015



British Counsil Trained Consultants


Highbrow Law Associates counsel you to grab the best opportunities from foreign countries, where
you will have so many options, which enable you to choose the most favorable with your circumstances.
Highbrow has team of expert professionals and legal consultants to assist you throughout the procedure,
whether you choose to Migrate or study Europe, USA, UK, CANADA or AUSTRALIA. We better
understand the complications of Visa, Immigration and Admission process, so we ensure that your
application will meet the requirements and you will fully meet the eligibility criteria. Each destination will
have its own legal requirements and each Visa will carry its own Laws and regulations. Highbrow Law
Associates will assist you in completing all the legalities and make you aware of all the regulations and
restrictions related to specific visa.


  • Counsel the clients about their most favorable and appropriate opportunity according to their credentials.
  • Help them with collecting all the official legal documents necessary for Immigration, Visit or Study.
  • Update them about any changes in Visa Regulations.
  • Guide on all the Aspects of Visa Process.
  • HIMS (Highbrow Institute of Modern Studies), with qualified Instructors, provide English
  • Language Coaching as second Level.
  • Assist you with booking of IELTS and Medical tests dates and Embassy appointments.
  • In an unfortunate event, if the visa is rejected, we will examine the reasons and help to appeal against the decision.


Some of the Immigration offices or universities may require your Interview before final decision, Highbrow Law

Associates provides you full support in preparation for your Interview, and guide you on the likely format and
examples of questions you may be asked and their appropriate answers you would have been given.


Every Visa has its own legal restrictions. Our experienced Law professionals and consultants will also help you

aware of all the restrictions regarding to your visa, for example; whether you can:
Work full time or part time while staying as a visitor or a student.
  • Bring your family/dependents with you meanwhile.
  • How much and in which field you can invest for business immigration.
  • Either or not or when, you can move to other states in case of state nomination for immigration.


Securing a visa for you doesn’t end our journey with you; Highbrow Law Associates provide you pre-departure

guidance and guidance for arranging home stay as well. Highbrow Law associates intend to build effective long-
term relationships with you and will remain in touch with you and counsel you regarding post arrival matters. This
is to ensure you that your mutual concerns are being looked after.