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  • 01 Jan 2015



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Welcome to Highbrow Law Associates Pakistan's leading immigration and study abroad consultancy. We established in 2002 with mission to facilitate the people of Pakistan, interested to immigrate or study in Australia, Canada, and The UK & Europe. From the beginning of its establishment, the company has been pioneering new concepts to stand above its competitors by bridging the gap between people and their bright future. We excel in the art of handling applications of all types of visas including: study abroad, skilled, entrepreneur, investor, family sponsorship, settlements and visits

We envisions an immigration or study abroad program that is completely your own. It's entirely possible that you will leave home with one image of yourself and return with a new outlook on your abilities to work, live, study and explore another culture; a new found passion for travel; a new world outlook; a sense of responsibility and accountability; and, lasting memories. This experience is a gift you have given to yourself, and you will be able to open it again and again. Are you ready to start getting the ideas?

Highbrow Law Associates is a leading Study, Work, visit, reside and Immigration Consultancy firm in Pakistan. The Counselors are well experienced and have thorough knowledge of proposed countries' immigration policies, law and regulations in the Global Immigration Act. The parameters may be educational, financial or personal. Being an Overseas Education and Immigration Consultancy firm, we are authorized representative for major institutes and acting bodies in various countries

We offer guidance to people wishing to upshot a profound and lasting change in their life style, and also provide themselves and their families, with opportunities for a successful future in Australia, Canada, UK and Europe, where the environment and infrastructure is well equipped enough to meet the growing inflow of prospective students & immigrants.

Our Team Highbrow's services are unique, because they are tailored to suit individual needs, offering support services for Formal Assessment of Skills, Language Testing, and Medical Checks etc. Hence, an applicant who utilizes the services of Highbrow International not only achieves his desire to study abroad or emigrate but also acquires extensive information which allows him to integrate smoothly and embrace his future, making him proud to refer to his new country as 'Home'.

At Highbrow Law Associates students and parents can find comprehensive information about various universities and the courses offered by them as well as the assistance provided to students from overseas. All the universities linked with us lead to internationally recognized academic or professional qualification. Highbrow International has had an obsession for authenticity and quality which is the hallmark of the organization. We are always in the process of attaining a worldwide quality services. We are a step ahead in terms when Education Abroad is concerned. We believe in deriving strength and dynamism from simplicity and focus.

Highbrow International is registered with Desjardins Financial Inc.for Federal and Quebec Investor Program        An Authorized channel partner of ICCRC member        Highbrow International is registered with SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) under the Companies Ordinance 1984